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Patrycja Pielaszek


Lead Trainer
Passionate Lecturer
Impactful Facilitator
TEDx Speaker

Who is

Patrycja Pielaszek?

Patrycja Pielaszek is a forward-thinking innovation leader, TEDx speaker, impactful facilitator and successful co-culture builder with an extensive professional track record in transformation strategies.

Academic background

Patrycja holds a Master in Communications & Media sciences at the University of Zurich, a CAS in Business Communications & Management at the University of St. Gallen. Since 2020, she’s lecturing, but also actively developing programs and trainings to foster innovation and entrepreneurship at the University of Zurich.

Innovation leader

As Chief Communications Officer, Patrycja has developed digitization strategies for global companies for years and successfully implemented corresponding innovation processes. She has specialized in communications, digital strategies, and facilitating transformation processes in the information technology and services industry. 


She’s proficient in traditional large-scale innovation as well as agile, entrepreneurial models and collaborative eco-systems.

Entrepreneurial advisor

Since 2017, Patrycja has been following the accelerated pulse of re-shaping the future of collaboration independently as a catalyst for highly effective teams empowered to drive better solutions.

She has a profound experience in discovering and unlocking growth opportunities across organisations and cultures. Combined with her broad background in human-centric business development, she’s helping organizations to get better at 21st century innovation.

Impactful Trainer and Facilitator

She is a certified facilitator LEGO® Serious Play®, Design Sprint Master, OKR Coach; multilingual (German, Polish, Swiss German, English, French, Italian) and a multicultural leader with experience in global environments.

Speaker and Moderator

She works with partners across various industries and academia in fields of building trust at work through trigger and energy management as well as engaging communication. 

Besides public speaking and lecturing, she’s actively developing programs and trainings to foster innovation and entrepreneurship at the University of Zurich.

​Engagement activist

Being a lateral thinker, she keeps trying new, progressive ways, experimenting with digital tools, and developing strategies that are often unconventional but always purposeful. Thanks to these qualities, Patrycja's approach is quite unconventional, as those who want to remain agile in the future must transform their approach in a timely manner.

Patrycja Pielaszek TEDx

By clients, Patrycja is often described as the Master-Connector and bridge builder that enables the creation of a joint understanding and engagement with her extraordinary tact and intuition for social dynamics. 

What our clients say


Luzia Schuler, impact Hub Zürich

I had the pleasure of collaborating with Patrycja as our facilitator for our team workshop. Her skillful approach in gathering input from each team member prior to the workshop laid the foundation for a successful engagement. The integration of feedback into the workshop through the dynamic LEGO® Serious Play® methodology fostered an atmosphere of trust and open dialogue. Previously hidden assumptions were brought to light, clearing the path for a cohesive sense of purpose and an enhanced level of team synergy. Patrycja has a unique ability to genuinely connect on a personal level which added an extra layer of warmth and authenticity to the entire collaborative process. The result was not only boosted team morale but also a team that left feeling genuinely inspired and motivated.

Lisa Stähli, Esri Switzerland AG

Patrycja facilitated a Lego Serious Play workshop for our team of engineers with the goal to get hands-on experience with applying our design strategies and making decisions as a group. It was fantastic to see how building out solutions for tasks outside of our everyday work using Lego bricks allowed the team members to boost their own creative abilities and discover inventive and innovative approaches to problem solving. On top of that, the exercises brought out people’s different personalities in a very positive way and enabled us to identify each other’s strengths when it comes to decision making. Anna and Patrycja did an exceptional job in creating a safe environment and they inspired the whole team with their enthusiasm and positive energy. Thank you both for the smooth planning and creation of this custom workshop and for introducing us to the magical world of Lego.

Driving mind shifts

Culture Strategy

Public Speaking & Event Hosting

Learning & Development

Leadership Experience Design

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

Future Speculatives


Future proven


In today's dynamic business landscape, Patrycja is continually expanding her toolbox to offer greater value to individuals, teams, and organizations.


By incorporating powerful methodologies such as Design Sprints, LEGO® Serious Play®, Liberating Structures, OKR (objectives and key results), and more, she can unleash creativity and collaboration, fostering innovative solutions to complex challenges.
Her extensive experience in product/service development, co-culture building, and transformation processes ensures that these methodologies are applied effectively, resulting in sustainable and measurable outcomes that drive growth and success.

Through this diverse range of tools and expertise, Patrycja is empowering businesses to thrive in an ever-evolving market environment.


Featured in

Patrycja is experienced in leadership, learning and development, helping organisations to get better at 21st century innovation with a human-centered approach.



Experience Patnation

Experience Patnation



As a passionate community builder and equality advocate, Patrycja founded WeCoCo in 2018 to connect disruptors, action takers and change makers to foster open innovation. WeCoCo is a catalyst for change to co-create a more inclusive future.


As the founder and main creator behind the community-driven DEIB platform (Diversity-Equity-Inclusion-Belonging), she can fully contribute her own inclusion experience and her great ability to bring people together for positive change.


In 2019, Patrycja co-founded the re-think tank Boost2Rethink, an innovative and agile advisory hub that specializes in unleashing the full potential of organizations. 


By offering advisory services and workshops tailored to specific needs, they bring together the best of two worlds: a wealth of experience in the corporate sector and forward-thinking entrepreneurship, creating a powerful synergy that fosters a sustainable growth culture.


In 2020, Patrycja founded Collab22, a safe space for co-creation and collaboration, because she believes in the power of collective intelligence, where everyone's ideas and visions can flourish. 


Whether you have an idea to explore, a vision to bring to life, or simply need a push to get started, she offers consultation sessions, workshop design, and impactful facilitation to help individuals and teams unlock their full potential and achieve their goals with the right tools.

Make it happen

Positive impact


expertly translates needs into viable, surprising solutions


frames and creates organised, actionable plans from chaos


crafts & presents compelling narratives that challenge paradigms and change behavior


works up, down, and across levels and disciplines to drive results


proven ability to mobilize a team toward the unexpected


experience unlocking potential of diverse teams & embedding growth mindsets


deeply understands human needs and motivations


ability to consistently challenge conventional thinking, envision creative solutions, and embrace emerging technologies to drive progress and transformation

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