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What is LEGO® Serious Play® ?


LEGO® Serious Play® is a methodology to harvest an organisation’s collective intelligence to solve problems and improve decision-making. It actively engages every participant and embraces a “leaning forward” approach where everybody contributes.

The bricks are used as a medium to build and to express complex ideas through storytelling and metaphors. The conversation, issue, problem, system, idea is literally right there on the table. To talk about, to play with, to change, to test, to improve, to decide on together.

It unleashes creative energies, modes of thought and ways of seeing that most adults have forgotten they even possessed!

In a LEGO Serious Play workshop:

  • Individuals think differently 

  • Teams communicate differently

  • Outcomes are more creative and innovative

Play to grow together

Think with your hands

Get your team thinking more creatively, communicating more effectively and delivering more innovative results.

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Why it works

There is a lot of great science underpinning the use of LEGO in engaging people, changing the conversation and solving complex problems. The way building something with your hands unlocks knowledge you didn't know you had. The joy and productivity of getting into a flow experience. The safety in talking about issues through a model rather than the usual business/power dynamic.

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What can it help with?


Anytime you need to change the normal business dynamic and have a more powerful conversation, LEGO® Serious Play® can help. Over the last decade the method has been used for a diverse range of topics including:

  • Strategic planning 

  • Innovation

  • Change Management

  • Team Development

  • Diversity & Inclusion

  • Customer Experience

  • Business Modelling

  • ...and much more

LEGO® Serious Play® works because it is based on sound scientific principles.

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