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What are Design Sprints?


It's about solving problems in a targeted and user-centered manner.


A Design Sprint Workshop is a 4-5 day process aimed at evaluating ideas to solve a problem through rapid prototyping and testing. It was developed independently through the work of various designers, including experts from GV (Google Ventures).

The intensive workshop replaces the costly and inefficient design agency model so not a dime is wasted on third-party overhead.

Design Sprints help companies discover, design, and validate 
meaningful solutions for real challenges. In less than a week.


Innovation training

Stop wasting months’ worth of time and money on products and services nobody will use. 
Invest in just four-five days of smart work.

Design Sprints empower your team to:

  • Discover
    Identify challenges and opportunities for innovation.

  • Design 
    Ideate and create a meaningful solution for your challenge.

  • Validate
    Test your product or service with real customers.

We work directly with your team to condense months of brainstorming, market research, and product design into a four-five day sprint. 


Design Sprint

A great way to empower people to shape the future and develop attractive products, services and business models in an agile, cooperative and people-centric way.

Most importantly, you are left with a framework for meaningful innovation long after we cross the finish line.


What can it help with?


It’s all about the users: The users are the linchpin of the method. User research provides all important insights; real users give feedback on the prototype at the end of the design sprint.

  • A multitude of perspectives: Important component of the design sprint – the sprint team of experts should be as diverse as possible: sales, design, development, marketing, customer service, finance…

  • Focus: For a successful Design Sprint Workshop, all participants should be completely dedicated to this project for one week. During the work, distractions are taboo. Paper and pencil or board and markers are used, not apps.

  • Efficiency: No bureaucracy, no undefined brainstorming, everyone must get involved and contribute to the solution.

  • Quick failure, quick success: Even if a week sounds like a lot, it is of course a greatly shortened process of design and research.

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Invest in just one week of smart work. 

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