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Stay curious.

Be courageous.

Disrupt yourself.

The best way to predict the future is to invent it.

Let's work on it together!


LEGO Serious Play

Anytime you need to change the normal business dynamic and have a more powerful conversation, LEGO® Serious Play® can help. 

Get your team thinking more creatively, communicating more effectively and delivering more innovative results.

Think with your hands, unleash your hidden potential!


Design Sprint

Stop wasting months’ worth of time and money on products and services nobody will use. Invest in one week of smart work.

Design Sprints are a great way to empower people to shape the future and develop attractive products, services and business models in an agile, cooperative and people-centric way.



Are you looking for a difference maker or an inspiring speaker on stage? 

Do you want to get surprisingly inspired and share a glimpse of "Patnation" with your audience? 

Get in touch with Patrycja!



A co-creation space for your ideas:

online & offline workshops to sharpen and discuss your innovative ideas, projects, business models or future work visions for real progress.

​With the Z Collab22 a space of opportunity, a space for co-creation, a space for shaping people who want to work on their future is offered. 

The best way to predict the future is to create it.

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