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Patrycja Pielaszek

Finding better solutions in shorter times is possible. As partners we develop ideas, strategies, concepts and key indicators for the future of collaboration and innovation. 

Are you looking for a difference maker or an inspiring speaker on stage?  

Peer-to-peer coaching and hands-on consultancy for startups, SMEs and scale-ups to unleash their full potential and boost their business growth.


Future Teams

Future Teams

Co-designing future teams for inclusive, diverse and high-performing organizational cultures.

Collaboration is not about gluing together existing egos. It's about the ideas that never existed until after everyone entered the room.

Receive fresh impulses as a leader through collaboration. Expand your knowledge and strengthen team cohesion through training.

Let's make a shift for good together!



Entrepreneur by passion, social by spirit, a curious and unstoppable disruptor by nature - following her digital heart with a social spirit to diversity and innovation, Patrycja is living her motto: 

"Nothing changes if nothing changes".

Startup World

Startup entrepreneurship is crucial because of innovations, new jobs and bringing competitive dynamics into the business environment. A feature of agile startups is that they can test different possible business models in order to find the right one before scale-up.

Innovative Collaboration

The 21st century is an era of racing for resources and information.  Information is a source of power, a tool for developing effective and agile strategies that allow competing in today’s market. We might say that innovation is the result of processed information.

Re-thinking the creation process through collaboration - open innovation.

Diversity & Inclusion

It is only by understanding the individual’s motivation and drive, can you begin to unlock their full capabilities and commitment and align those with the company’s needs. We need to entrench diversity into the business value chain and taking into account the organisation’s diversity of thought, an individual’s belief, their values and diverse personalities.



Co-creating the future


Out of the comfort zone, into the co-creation space!


The local Collab22 is for all those who want to sharpen and discuss their innovative ideas, projects, business models, career questions or future work visions for real progress.

​With the Collab22 a space of opportunity, a space for co-creation, a space for shaping people who want to work on their future is offered. This is where topics, questions and challenges for the future can be challenged and possible paths are being explored together.

The best way to predict the future is to invent it.

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